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Van Ness Recovery House is very proud to offer “Residential Drug/Alcohol Treatment” regardless of ability to pay!! We are one of the very few programs that answer “YES” when a person desperately says “HELP”.

While participating in our 4-6 month program residents are provided intense structure and support to deal with the issues that may have lead to their drug/alcohol use/abuse. Many residents have relapsed multiple times because they have not addressed their patterns of “Dark, Secret, and Anonymous behaviors”. We offer a supportive staff including a “Psychologist and Therapist” to help with “internalized homophobia, childhood sexual abuse, repeated incarcerations, acceptance of HIV, running from both diagnosed and undiagnosed mental health etc..”

Van Ness Recovery House has multiple phases for the residents and the final phases include the support of becoming employed, moving to sober supportive housing, working with sponsor and support group.

Please be a part of the solution and make your donation today so we are able to continue saying “YES” when an alcoholic addict says “HELP”.