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The VNRH loved me when I couldn't love myself. For the last 7 and a half years I have continually stay connected to the house because that is where I find my support. I was a resident of the VNRH in April of 2008, I lived there for 5 months and lived in VNRH sober living for a year and a half. I learned how to be a sober man there and have been given a life I never could of imagined. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE!

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I love the Van Ness House & all that Kathy Watt has done over the years! Spreading the word from NYC!!!

I walked into the Van Ness Recovery House on October 2004, scared and nervous. My mother came with me. I remembered that the day staff gave me a packet, to have a seat on the couch, that they have it from here, and they asked her to go.

At that time, it was a 90 day program.

I have to really commend Kathy and Loida, because if it wasn't for them putting me back to "Day 1" twice, I don't think that I would be sober today.

I need to say that it isn't an easy house. It's very structured.

The three things that I learned were:

1) To tell the truth.
2) Have the willingness.
3) That they love you unconditionally.

If you do everything that they tell you to do, you can stay sober.

They give you the tools. It's up to you to use them.

In closing, I have 14 years sober, been married to my husband for 11, and was at my job for over 12 years.

All of this success comes from being sober and working the program.

I am a blessing and a miracle today.

Today, I walk in the sunlight of the spirit.

I always put my sobriety first, no matter what the challenge.

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Thank You So Much For Never Giving Up On Me. I am no Longer Just Existing In This World To Get My Next Drink or Full Pull. Today I Am Living Life Doing The Will Of God. Loving Myself Which I Learned How to do Thanks to The VNRH. But Also Loving Others Unconditionally and Extending Out My Hand To Help.

Thank you to the the Van Ness House for helping me through the evil teenager phase, you all changed my life from the destructive path I was on and I met lifelong friends there. Such an awesome community!

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My entire life changed for the better when I entered the doors of the Van Ness House. I learned about myself and how to take care of myself. Even though it has been almost 26 years since I went through the program, I still carry with me the lessons I learned and the strength I gained thanks to this wonderful place and its talented counselors.

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Kathy Watt and the Van Ness Recovery House are legendary. I have many, many friends who were helped because of them.

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Thank you for EVERYTHING. (Literally) My 1st day at VNRH, Loyda taught me this strange practice called "contrary action". ...Saved my life.

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Love Van Ness House! Spent my first sober XMas Eve with the clients at Van Ness going to Skid Row ....so grateful for this amazing place!!!

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Thanks Van Ness House and Kathy Watt, most loving and "no bullshit" AA in LA., for the essential work that you do for our community. GRATITUDE!

Are you an alumni of the Van Ness Recovery House? Submit your own testimonial.