Wish List

We need the following items. If you can spare them, please bring them by the house, we appreciate all donations! Alternatively, you may print or download the VNRH Donation Wish List. Thank you.

Item(s)VNRH Need
Twin BedsWe go through 60-80 beds a year
Night Stands
Lamps (Table/Tall)
Twin Sheet SetsWe go through 8 sets per year
ComfortersWe go through 60 comforters per year
Mattress PadsWe go through 80 mattress pads per year
Bath TowelsWe go through 80-120 bath towels per year
Wash ClothsWe go through 100 washcloths per year
Laundry SoapWe have 20 residents per week washing their clothes
Notebook Paper(Wide ruled)
AA Big Books
12x12 Books
Folding Chairs
(dining room) We go through 50 per year
Address BooksWe get around 200 residents per year
Frozen TurkeyWe need 24 turkeys for the holidays
Canned VeggiesSmart & Final #10
Canned FruitSmart & Final #10
Jackets for Rain (XL, L)
Xerox Paper (10 Reams or 1 box)
Bath MatsWe go through 60 mats per year
SilverwareWe need backups to replace lost silverware
DishesWe need backup to replace broken dishes